Our Wellness Policy

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Smart Snacks In School

Our Wellness Policy

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Wellness Policy

Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) is committed to providing school environments that promote and protect children’s health, well-being, and ability to learn by supporting healthy eating and physical activity.

Wellness Policies are created to help schools model healthier habits. Key areas include:

  • Nutrition education
  • Physical activity
  • Other school-based activities that are designed to promote student wellness.


Healthier Celebrations, Rewards, and Fundraising:

Promoting Non-Food Celebrations & Rewards

Promoting Healthy School Snacks

Promoting Healthy Fundraising

School Fundraising Can Be Healthy and Profitable

Creating a Healthier School Food Culture


Healthier US School Challenge


Did you know that several Prince William County Schools participated in the Healthier US School Challenge!?! 

Click here to find out if your school was one of them!



Governor's Scorecard

The Governor's Nutrition and Physical Activity Award Program promotes health and wellness in Virginia's public schools. Schools can earn a bronze, silver, or gold award for best practices that promote healthy lifestyle habits.

The following Prince William County Public Schools have received recognition for their success in meeting the goals of the Governor's Healthy Virginians initiative:



A. Henderson Elementary- 6/29/11

Belmont Elementary- 6/30/15

Buckland Mills Elementary- 6/10/10

C.A. Sinclair Elementary- 6/30/15

Enterprise Elementary- 6/28/13

Louise A. Benton Middle- 6/5/09

Minnieville Elementary- 6/30/15

Montclair Elementary- 6/26/12

Nokesville Elementary- 6/29/11

R. Dean Kilby Elementary- 6/30/15

River Oaks Elementary- 6/30/15

Rockledge Elementary- 6/28/13

Rosa Parks Elementary- 6/27/13

Sonnie Penn Elementary- 6/27/13

T. Clay Wood Elementary- 6/27/13



Antietam Elementary- 6/5/09

Ashland Elementary- 6/27/13

Bel Air Elementary- 6/30/15

Bennett Elementary- 4/3/08

Bristow Run Elementary- 6/10/10

Cedar Point Elementary- 6/29/11

Coles Elementary- 6/25/12

Dale City Elementary- 6/27/13

E. H. Marstellar Middle- 6/4/07

Fannie W. Fitzgerald Elementary- 6/27/14

Featherstone Elementary- 6/30/15

George P. Mullen Elementary- 6/30/15

Glenkirk Elementary- 6/30/10

J. W. Alvey Elementary- 6/29/11

John F. Pattie Sr. Elementary Annex- 6/30/10

Kerrydale Elementary- 6/30/15

Loch Lomond Elementary- 6/29/11

Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary- 6/30/15

Marumsco Hills Elementary- 6/30/15

Mary G. Porter Traditional- 6/27/13

Mary Williams Elementary- 6/28/13

Occoquan Elementary- 6/30/15

Old Bridge Elementary- 6/29/11

Pennington School- 6/29/11

Samuel L. Gravely Jr. Elementary- 6/28/13

Sharon C. McAuliffe Elementary- 6/27/13

Signal Hill Elementary- 6/28/13

Springwoods Elementary- 6/29/11

Sudley Elementary- 6/30/15

Suella G. Ellis Elementary- 6/30/15

Triangle Elementary- 6/30/15

Victory Elementary- 6/27/13

West Gate Elementary- 6/30/15

Westridge Elementary- 6/27/13

Woodbridge Middle- 6/26/10



Battlefield High- 6/29/11

Brentsville District High- 6/28/13

Bull Run Middle- 6/17/09

Dumfries Elementary- 6/30/09

Gainesville Middle- 6/25/12

Elizabeth Vaughn Elementary- 6/25/12

Fred Lynn Middle- 6/20/15

Freedom High- 7/1/14

Gar-Field High- 6/27/14

George G. Tyler Elementary- 6/28/13

Graham Park Middle- 6/26/12

Herbert J. Saunders Middle- 6/27/13

John F. Pattie Sr. Elementary- 6/27/13

Lake Ridge Elementary- 6/27/13

Lake Ridge Middle- 6/28/13

Leesylvania Elementary- 6/27/13

Mountain View Elementary- 6/27/13

Neabsco Elementary- 6/26/10

PACE West- 6/30/09

Parkside Middle- 6/28/13

Patriot High- 6/27/13

Piney Branch Elementary- 6/27/13

Potomac High- 6/5/09

Potomac Middle- 6/25/12

Potomac View Elementary- 6/30/15

Rippon Middle- 6/20/15

Stonewall Middle- 6/27/13

Stuart M. Beville Middle- 6/27/13

Swans Creek Elementary- 6/27/13

Thurgood Marshall Elementary- 6/27/13